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The Top 10 Stocking Stuffer Ideas For This Holiday!

Camryn Hall

Posted on November 28 2018

The Top 10 Stocking Stuffer Ideas For This Holiday!
By Camryn Hall
  1. Jewelry
One of my all-time favorite things to receive in my stocking is jewelry. A new pair of statement earrings or an everyday thumb ring is the perfect gift for me and I can guarantee it is for every woman you know as well. One of the best parts about filling a stocking with jewelry is that these adorable accessories aren’t going to break the bank, they range from $5-15 and it’s hard to find an ugly pair or earrings! Another really great thing about this is that jewelry is something you can always use! So, jewelry is always the right answer!
  1. Scarves
Another great way to fill up stockings for your loved ones is to find some really cute scarves to stuff in there! My favorite styles are infinity scarves and blanket scarves! Luckily, Sugar Loves Spice carries infinity scarves that look like blanket scarves! Yay!
  1. Hats
Everyone loves hats. And everyone especially loves beanies! We are all stocked up with these CC beanies; all sorts of colors, ones with poms, ones with holes for ponytails and just regular ones!
  1. Candles
I always love opening my stocking to find a new delicious smelling candle. There is nothing better than opening a new candle and getting the first whiff of “Volcano” or “Modern Mint”
  1. Mugs/Cups
One of my favorite things to gift to people during the holidays is definitely a mug or travel cup. I always love the little sayings or funny graphics they have on them. This is a great way to give a personal gift that won’t break the bank!
  1. Slippers
This one is a really simple way to add some humor to your stockings! Every kid, teen, adult or grandparent would laugh pulling a pair of reindeer slippers out of their stocking to slip on Christmas morning.
  1. Travel Bags
I can seriously never have enough of these puppies. Every time I see one I find an excuse to buy it. These are always a great place to stick personal items, makeup, headphones, pencils, really anything!
  1. Bath Bombs
This is another thing I always buy even though I probably don’t need even one more, but they make GREAT stocking stuffers because they are so little and usually very pretty as well!!
  1. Keychains
Growing up, I always collected keychains from everywhere I went so I have always had a thing for keychains and constantly a 10:1 ratio of keychains to actual keys. So, these are great for anyone, even boys and grandmas will enjoy them!
  1. Perfume
Lastly, another great idea to spice up your stockings if to throw in some of those small bottles or rollers of perfume! Recently, I have heard these Mixology perfumes are all the rave! The cool thing about these is that they are designed to be blended to create scents to suit different occasions! This can be really fun because you get to make your own recipes! This makes your perfume more personalized and celebrates “the real you”!!
So, I hope you got some inspiration to stuff stockings this holiday and decide to step outside of your comfort zone of candy! Happy Shopping!!

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