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The Shade of Green That Is Going to Be Huge in 2019…

Camryn Hall

Posted on February 17 2019

The Shade of Green That Is Going to Be Huge in 2019…


By: Camryn Hall
As many of you may have already noticed, there is a shade of green that has emerged at one of the most beautiful colors of 2019. This color is Sage Green! We are seeing this color in an array of locations, from interior design to fashion! This beautiful color is basically a neutral because it is so easy to pair things with and its grey undertones! We have been seeing it spread across the interior design world in form of succulents, pillows, wall-papers, and much more. The ‘clean’ trend is huge right now and is going to continue to be prevalent in many different areas. This idea of clean is inspired by the increased search for earthy tones and a clean environment. Not to mention, this color was a trend not too long ago, around the ‘90s, being worn by style icons such as Princess Diana. This color is making its comeback through design and interiors, but we see it taking over as we move into spring 2019 styles.
So, the first way I am seeing (and loving) this gorgeous color is in simple tops to play with in the spring and summer. In the pictures above and below, I have on these tank tops that could be so fun to play with in the spring and even the summer. The lace details and the stretchy material of this tank are so fun. We could see this tank dressed up, tucked into a flirty skirt, paired with a denim jacket and cute wedges. But this top is also so easy to just throw on with a pair of jeans or leggings and a pair of sandals.
Now for this adorable tank, I am loving it with a simple off-white cardigan and a pair of jeans, but I think that it would also look amazing with maybe a black leather skirt and a pair of black heels for a night out with the friends. This tank could also easily be paired with dress pants and a blazer for you working ladies! My favorite part about this tank is that it can easily be paired with any color, like black, white, pale pink, eggplant, gold, orange, navy, violet, burgundy, lavender, or even royal blue. This color seriously is SO versatile when it comes to what colors you can pair it with!
The last way we are just adoring this sage green color is in these super bohemian feeling dresses for the spring and summer. This could be worn to Easter, a night out, for a fancy dinner on vacay, or even on the beach for a photoshoot. The details on this dress are similar to embroidery and give it a very expensive look to it! I think this piece is super flattering and would look great on anyone body type or skin tone! This sage green color is going to rock your world, I promise!!
If you are intrigued now and you are dying to get your hands on some awesome pieces in this gorgeous color, then stop in at Sugar Loves Spice and see all of the NEW pieces we have in stock! We can’t wait to help you add this new neutral color to your wardrobe!!

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