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The Best Holiday Looks......

Camryn Hall

Posted on December 07 2018

The Best Holiday Looks......


By: Camryn Hall


Today I am here to tell you the BEST ways to look absolutely fabulous at all of your holiday events! I am going to show options for those of you who feel as if the holidays are red carpet events (me) and for those of you who like to be comfortable and still look fabulous and festive!! So, let’s get started!!!


First, I am a sucker for a LBD as you all know if you have read any of my other blogs. Black is one of the most flattering colors there is and looks good on anyone really. I love to pair LBDs with a pair of tights and some sort of black boot (heeled, over the knee, booties, whatever)! I think this is a great way to look fabulous during the holidays because you can easily pair a black dress with any color of jacket, vest, scarf or any other addition you want to add to spice up your look! My suggestions are buffalo plaid jackets, plaid vests and blanket scarves of any color! Another great thing about a little black dress is that it will coordinate well with any other outfit in all of those holiday pictures you will be taking, this is a super important one for me!!


To play off of the last holiday look that I love, I wanted to show you a way you could play with a black dress. I threw on a fur vest over my dress, added a pair of fuzzy socks and black booties. This look would be adorable with black over the knee boots or maybe a statement shoe that adds a pop of color to the outfit! This is a great way to break out that fur vest that has been sitting in the back of your closet since you bought it. I know fur can be intimidating and bold, but the holidays are the perfect time to make a bold statement. Not to mention, fur is such a winter trend that you won’t look strange at all, you will look amazing!!! Don’t be afraid to play with this either; add some tights, change the shoes, or even add a bold necklace!!



This one is for you ladies that want to look great at your holiday party, but you don’t want to have to wear a skirt/dress and be uncomfortable. This sweater is the answer to all your questions, with a tinsel look to it, it shines like the tinsel on your Christmas tree! I paired it with my favorite pair of black jeans and black booties. I think this is such a fun and festive look for your parties! The best part is that you won’t be cold of uncomfortable in this amazing piece. This look could totally be changed up with a regular pair of jeans, a skirt, over the knee boots of even regular heels would look amazing!

Now, I think this piece is the perfect happy medium for someone who wants to look fabulous but isn’t too sure they want to wear a dress all day! I cannot express to you guys how comfy this dress is, it is so much so that I would choose to wear this over a pair of jeans any day. I love myself some jeans, but this adorable dress has won my heart. I have it paired with tights and little black booties, but this could easily be dressed up or down and is super versatile. AND, before I forget, this dress has POCKETS!!!! That is one of my favorite things about this piece, you have to love when you find an adorable and comfy dress and it has pocket too!!!

Lastly, I have one look for those of you who cannot bear to wear a skirt or dress to a holiday party. This is a really cute look that is also very casual. I have on one of our holiday graphic tees, a pair of leather leggings, a plaid vest and a pair of black booties. I am really loving how this look turned out because I know if can be uncomfortable to sit around all day in tights, after eating way too much food. So, this look is going to do the job for a lot of you and I think you are going to look just as fabulous as those of us who have decided holidays are red carpet events!


I hope you all have some ideas about what you want or need to get for a fabulous holiday look, all of these awesome pieces are at Sugar Loves Spice right now and we cannot wait to see you when you come in to shop for these looks!!! Happy Holidays!!!!!



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