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How To Rock Leather Skirts This Fall........

Camryn Hall

Posted on October 05 2018

How To Rock Leather Skirts This Fall........
Are you getting bored with wearing jeans everyday as it gets colder out? A simple way to spice up your typical fall wardrobe is to replace a few pairs of jeans with an awesome statement skirt. Now this might seem a little too dressy for some of you but you’ll see it can be very versatile. This trend is being worn by celebrities for award ceremonies and casually on the streets, it is everywhere! Leather skirts can go from lazy day to job interview just by changing what you style it with.


For those of you who hear the words ‘leather skirt’ and get intimidated, we will start off with one of the simplest ways to wear a leather skirt. Personally, on the days where I do not feel like putting together a whole cohesive outfit, I like to just thrown on a basic tee with a neutral leather skirt, add a pair of comfy sneakers and maybe grab a versatile jacket for if it is cool out. This is honestly my go to look for lazy days. If I am feeling a little bit motivated, maybe I will find some jewelry and a cute bag to go with the whole casual outfit. Hopefully you guys are a little less intimidated by leather skirts now!

My next favorite way to style a leather skirt is to add some layering to it. Living in Ohio, fall can be a pretty chilly time of the year so just a leather skirt and tee aren’t going to cut it. My advice it to dig out those old tights you wore for a middle school dance (even if they’re ripped on the shin, I can tell you guys my secret to saving old tights), grab a button up of some sort, maybe your favorite flannel or a chambray shirt and a warm, oversized sweater. Simply add a pair of boots and a cute bag to go with it and you’re all set. See, wasn’t that simple??

So, now that I gave you a little bit of guidance I hope you are feeling more confident in how to style a leather skirt this fall. If anyone is feeling courageous you could add or change any of the components to adjust to your occasion! A leather skirt, simple tee, statement necklace and a pair of fall heels could be great for a Friday at work or even a night out in the city! I encourage all of you to go out and try on a leather skirt, maybe even buy it! Be creative and have fun!


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