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How To Look Amazing In A Faux Fur Vest This Year....

Alexis Manalo

Posted on October 24 2018

How To Look Amazing In A Faux Fur Vest This Year....


By: Camryn Hall


Fur is one of those things that I would always see young women wearing and they look so adorable. But when I put it on my body, I somehow look like I skinned that animal myself and tried to make something cute out of it. Well, I am here to tell you how not to do that… After a little bit of messing around with different combinations I have finally figured out how any body type or age range can look great in a faux fur vest.

The two looks I have styled for you are very basic and simple. I think starting simple is the best way to go about styling a fur vest, there is always room to add embellishments after. So, in this first one I have paired a simple black turtle-neck bodysuit with a pair of jeans and black booties. This look is honestly so easy and required little to no effort. You could easily dress this up by adding a pair of heels or an over the knee boot (heel or not, whichever you prefer). Another thing you can experiment with is the use of a pattered shirt under the vest. One of my holiday favorites is wearing a flannel shirt under a neutral colored vest. Changing the color of the flannel depending on the occasion or holiday approaching. For example, in the fall months I would style this look with a navy/white, navy/red or even a brown/orange flannel. Although, when winter is here I would style it with a red/white, black/white or navy/green flannel underneath! This is a really fun piece to layer with because it goes with pretty much any style of clothing. I encourage you guys to give it all a try!


Another way that I love to style a fur vest, or any type of vest really, is with an off the shoulder top. This gives your outfit some dimension and allows you to show a tiny bit of skin without being freezing in the 37° weather. From there, you can just add a simple pair of jeans or even leggings and your favorite pair of boots. I love the simple chic look you get by styling pieces like these together. Another way I suggest being experimental is by combining your fur vest with a long sleeve LBD or even an oversized knee length t-shirt dress. This is a really easy way to be comfortable and look super stylish at the same time. There are so many ways for you to rock a fur vest this year, ranging from super simple to somewhat elaborate.


I just want to give you few other simple ways to style your fur vest. One, break out your faux leather leggings, add a jeans shirt and then simply throw on any fur vest. Second, a basic long sleeve t-shirt in about any color, simple pair of jeans, boots and pretty much any scarf will go with it (I like to add plaid blanket scarves). Third, a super cozy sweater dress with a pair of high boots and your fur vest. And lastly, just a simple sweater of any color with some jeans and boots. I hope this made you all feel like you could look as adorable as those young women that wear fur vests. So go out and rock that fur vest that has been in the back of your closet for two years! Have fun!!


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