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Clothing Tips and Tricks Every Girl Must Know

Kristy Stewart

Posted on July 18 2017

Clothing Tips and Tricks Every Girl Must Know

Off the shoulder and cold-shoulder tops, open toe booties, rompers, backless tops, and bralettes. There is constantly a never-ending list of trending styles and it can get quite overwhelming trying to keep up with it all. There are also comfort issues women frequently encounter with trending styles. Have you ever worn an off the shoulder top and grown tiresome of pulling it back down every time you lift your arms? Is that adorable lace bralette you bought a little TOO thin and uncomfortable? Well, Sugar Loves Spice has got you covered! Here are some tips and tricks to help you keep up with current trends with ease.

Off the shoulder tops are one of the top trends of the year, but it can be difficult to keep this style top truly off your shoulder when you lift your arms or move in any way. For a simple fix to this problem, all you will need is two hair ties (or four) and four safety pins.

Next, you will loop two safety pins on each end of a hair tie (or two hair ties knotted together) and simply pin each safety pin on the front and back of the inside of the arm hole (if possible, place the pin on a seam to avoid creating holes). Repeat this on the other arm hole with the remaining hair tie(s) and two safety pins. When you put on your new and improved off the shoulder top, place your arms over the hair tie loop, so the ties end up under your armpit.

Strappy, open toe sandals and booties are a staple item for any women’s summer wardrobe, but they can often cause blisters and discomfort the first few time they are worn. Gel inserts are always an option, but we have a cheaper and quicker hack to avoid those blisters! All you will need are some thick / fuzzy socks and a hairdryer. Wearing the socks, you will first place your feet into the shoes and for approximately two minutes use the dryer, aiming towards the tighter areas of the bootie. You can also move your toes around during this process to stretch the shoes even further and in just two minutes you’ll have comfortable and happy feet!

It’s difficult to find trending tops that don’t have any cut-outs, an open back, or a low-cut front, so finding the perfect no-show bra has gotten even more difficult. Bralettes have become the hottest accessories for women, but sometimes they can be too thin and are not able to provide the support and lift you want. Here, at Sugar Loves Spice, we have the perfect back up plan to give you the “support” you need! This adhesive, drawstring bra allows you to add a little bit of sexy to your style and gives you the lift you need while easily hidden under your top or bralette!

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