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How to find the Perfect LBD

Kristy Stewart

Posted on November 10 2014

How to find the Perfect LBD

The Little Black Dress! The one thing every woman knows she needs in her closet. Thanks to Coco Chanel’s designs in the 1920s it has become the ultimate wardrobe essential. It should be comfortable, versatile, and ready to wear at a moment’s notice. You should be able to dress it up and dress it down according to any occasion you may have. Finding the perfect Little Black Dress can be very hard though! We have tips for how to find the perfect closet staple!

Make sure you’re comfortable!!

The LBD is supposed to be the most comfortable and flattering piece of clothing in your closet. Make sure you can sit, stand, dance, and move all night in this dress!


Make sure it accentuates your positives!

You should not feel self conscious in your LBD. You should feel sexy and confident in it at all times. Make sure you are accentuating your best assets whether it is a high hemline to show off your legs or sleeveless so everyone can see your slender arms.


Make sure it’s low maintenance!

Your LBD should be ready at all times so make sure caring for it is easy. Check the fabric and the cleaning instructions. Make sure you follow them! No one wants their favorite Little Black Dress to become their Little GREY Dress.


Keep it Modern!

The great part of the Little Black Dress is that black is always in. But, you can add some flair with a colorful statement necklace, a fun clutch, or awesome shoes! Add a blazer for a business look or some flats for a more casual afternoon outfit.

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